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We’re grateful our continued expansion allows us to give back to our community as well, through jobs creation, adapting to local needs and social responsibility.

CHEF ALEXANDRU BACHES: “I joined Treevi in 2017, and feel privileged to have been part of the team which built a brand now enjoyed by customers all over Bucharest, and increasingly elsewhere in Romania.

Ten years in Italy - the very cradle of the pizza tradition - inspired my passion for authentic recipes, quality ingredients and unique combinations of flavors. You’ll find both classic and gourmet pizzas; 38 recipes for you to choose from.

No matter which Treevi you go to, you’ll find your personal favorites. And we’re delighted to keep welcoming you back at any of our locations for one more slice.”


We love to actively support the younger generation with initiative to develop and grow while understanding the basics of a business in the hospitality industry. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to have an internship at Tomcat Hospitality!

We are hiring

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