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Treevi Pizza Al Taglio relies on the famous roman pizza “by the cut” and it offers a qualitative and authentic premium fast-food concept.

The Treevi brand has set base to a concept that is easy to understand, does not require complicated processes or overly qualified personnel, while maintaining a high standard of service. The branding and identity of Treevi is already well-known throughout Romania and it is defined by a community of customers that is familiar with the Treevi experience, products and originality.

Through its current operating points, Treevi has shown that it is well-received in pedestrian zones, office buildings, malls and home-delivery apps.

Having these benefits, the operational and development perspectives are built in a financially-safe note. The investment in a Treevi franchise is backed by strong support from the brand, offering continuous improvements, training, a well-defined marketing strategy, thus offering safety and financial consistency.

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